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Hi everybody!

I'm french but I will mainly write in english, I hope that you will understand me.

I created this Lj to show my dolly works! My main hobby is collecting and customizing asian ball jointed dolls and Blythes. I really love to give them their own look and personnalities with a new faceup, carving or outfit. I also love to take a looot of pics of them, so I'll put some here too!

Of course every picture that you will see here is not to be used without my permission and please take in consideration that customizing these dolls is rather hard and that it takes quite a lot of time to imagine them and work on them so please don't copy my faceups and customs, thank you! :)

Scroll down to see my entries ^__^

I hope to sse you often here and feel free to add me as friend! ;)


Apr. 27th, 2010

I've been very busy lately XD here are my very last faceups on BJD! There are a lot of girls with freckless :)
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And some of my last pics!
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That's all ^^

"Once upon a time..."

This is the theme for a Blythe custom collection I'll be presenting in a little exhibition in Paris in september, the event is called "Le jour B" ("The B day")
As I love very much fairytales and bedtime stories it was an evidence for me to do these girls ^^ there will be only one pic of each because I want the people to discover them in septeber ;) for the oment, they are only 3 but they will be six or seven dollies ^^
Lets see them!Collapse )
Thank you very much for stopping by! ^^

I've been busy lately ^^

and more happy than ever to work on dollies! ^^

let me show my very last faceups!

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I hope you like them!!!

I'll post my new custom Blythes and also new pics later hehe!

I love to ...

Take BJD pictures. I really enjoy it very much and try to improve myself every time! I love also to use photoshop on them, I don't allways do it but I like to give texture or high contrast to a picture to give the feeling I want to share with the ones who see it.

Lets see the pics!Collapse )

Merry Christmas!

May everyone have a good time on this Christmas eve! I hope you've all been good guys so that Santa will bring you a lot of presents ;)

My little Sixtine says "Merry christmas!"

Some news!

Hi there everybody!

It's been quite a long time since I've written something here but I have good reasons lol I've moved lately in the Alpes, near to Geneva, it's a wonderfull place here! I love so much the mountains all around, the lacs and rivers. Soon it will be winter and it will all be white and beautiful! ^^ I'll take some pics hehe

Ok, I've been working a bit too since I'm here and I wanted to show you what I've done ^^

Miss Sushy who sent me her Raven to recustomize, she wanted a classy girl with red lips and a cold style as it's a little blythe who loves winter season:

The rest is here...Collapse )That's all for the moment!! :D See you soon ;)

Recent BJD faceups ^^

I've been very busy doing faceups lately!!! I really love to do faceups! ^^

I've redone my Scarlet's faceup a few days ago (AIL Alice)

And I took some pics of her that I've photoshopped! From the Madonna to the vampire:

Click HERE to see the original size ^^

Wanna see more faceups? ^^Collapse )

Thank you for passing by! :)

Custom Blythe "Ouija"

Hi there!

I finished my new girl named Ouija, she is a little witch inspirated by Tim Burton's movies, I hope you will love her!

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She is currently on  Ebay .

Her Flickr gallery will be actualized everyday ^^

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